Tiger Commencement Class of 2008

Sean graduated from high school today - summa cum laude, sharing the co-valedictorian honor with his best friend, Jordan Hall. Grad day was one of those perfect days, the kind of days that stick out in one's mind like a jagged mountain range, drawing the eye from peak to peak rarely noticing what is in between. It is this stringing together of perfect days, a somewhat lilly-pad hopping from moment to moment that propels one to hang on through the mundane days inbetween.

The day went something like this: We awoke and partook of a homemade breakfast cooked by me, something as rare as Donald Trump admitting he's wrong. We then drove into St. George and went to the Temple Visitor's Center to see a traveling exhibit of exquisite bronzed sculptures depicting different bible scenes. Next we settled at the Olive Garden, Sean's choice for a celebratory lunch. We were joined by Gpa and Gma Hackworth, and Gpa and Gma Fisher. Stuffed and satisfied, we mosied on over to the Burns Arena on the Dixie State College Campus where the commencement exercises took place. Sean participated in the program via spoken word as well as playing the bass drum during the symphonic orchestra's rousing rendition of "Pirates of the Caribbean".

After the program, Sean was inundated by folks wanting a picture with him. Girls, girls, girls came from the six corners of the building and stood in line. We were the last ones out of the building. Sean commented on how good it felt to have nothing to do now. His last month of school had been incredibly busy. Finally, we ended the day with a little Cold Stone.

Congratulations dear son. We are so proud of you!

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