Girl's Party: One Last Hurrah

 let's share a drink
taste sunshine
come and sit awhile
it's summertime
             - ms fish

In July, I threw a little shindig.

This was a party for the girls. The girls who have been second moms to Otto and Andy throughout jr high and high school. The girls who are the moms of my son's best friends (did you get all that?).

Now that graduation is over, our boys are going their separate ways. So it was time for me to say thanks and show my deep love, appreciation and admiration for these incredible women who have raised equally incredible men.

The party planning committee (me) started weeks in advance. First I nailed down a theme (One Last Hurrah) and color scheme: cream, pink, orange and blue. Then I designed the invitation.  My inspiration was a beautiful bouquet of peonies and some fabric I purchased at Joann's closing store sale. Got a killer deal on some nice home fabrics, which I sewed into a tablecloth and runner, as well as linen napkins.

Invitation: front

Invitation: back
I wanted to eat outside, but at the last minute it was too windy, so we went to Plan B. The tablecloth I custom-made to fit my patio table still worked inside. But sadly, we lost the great ambiance and lighting of the outdoors.

table setting

hors d'oeuvres

The menu is the hardest thing for me to decide on. I poured over recipes and conjured up old favs for the perfect foods to compliment the taste of summer and feminine appeal.

Here is what I settled on. I began food preparation about 1 week before the event and made a little something each day. On the day of the party, my husband, my daughter Daisy and her boyfriend were a huge help in cleaning and pulling everything together. Then my boys helped plate up the food.

Hors d' oeuvres: watermelon cubes with balsamic glaze, cucumber cups with spicy avocado cream, gouda and asiago cheese wedges with Ranier cherries
Bread: Artisan white and artisan rosemary, homemade rolls, european butter with pink hawaiin sea salt
Drink: sparkling french berry lemonade
Main: Mixed greens with grilled chicken, pears, black grapes, fusilli pasta, smoked almonds and balsamic vinaigrette
Mini desserts pictured below

{freshly squeezed} orange sherbet with coconut cookie

chocolate pudding with creme fraiche and piment d' espelette

lemon-curd marbled cheesecake with raspberry coulis and lemon mousse

At the end of the night, I gifted each gal with a signed copy of a book that is special to me: Heaven is Here, written by my sister-in-law. It is a beautifully written book and inspiring story of motherhood [among other things], which echoes how I feel about each of the mothers who came.

all wrapped up

Autographed by both Stephanie and ghostwriter Amy Hackworth

close-up of gift card label
The best part of the night was Otto and Andy. They served us (to show their gratitude as well) and were professional, courteous and funny. They even cleaned up and washed the dishes (without being asked!). They totally made the night {for me}. Oh how I love them!

And of course, the conversation was great fun. The girls stayed and stayed and we talked the night away. It was a super great great great!


Other resources for you party animals:
Mini cheesecake pan
Avery round labels for drink bottles
Avery labels for gift tags
Stripey straws
Striped ice cream spoons
Mini ice cream bowls
Mini flare pudding cups


The Best Basketball Game Ever

The excitement in the air was so thick you could put a picture frame around it. The place was packed.  Emotions were tense. Stakes were high. The crowd was charged. Teams were ready.

Sounds like the Sing-Off.

But I'm actually referring to the 3A State Basketball Championship game held on Feb. 25, 2012 at the Dixie State College Burns Arena.

Walking into the Burns Arena was unlike anything I had experienced. It was intense and exciting. I tried to soak in the whole cool milieu...the cheerleaders, the media, the bands, the announcer, the crowd in their red and black. All my senses were heightened because we had a player on the team which upped the 'care' meter. My nerves were rattling and my fiercely competitive nature was kicking into high gear.

We had watched a lot of [great] basketball to get to this point. Our boys had worked so hard. They were the underdogs, yet they had fairly earned their way into the top bracket. They had wiggled through some nail biting play-off games.

 Now, it was down to just one more game.

I wanted to win fast but play in slow motion. I wanted to hurry and start, yet didn't want it to be over. I really didn't want to go into over-time. But wanted them to take their time.  I wanted the game to end, but not be finished: the end of the game meant Landon's basketball career was finished. 

The game was everything a top level competitive game should be: incredible skill and athleticism sprinkled with bits of luck, high energy, tender moments, and just plain bedazzle!  As the game wore on, it became scarier to watch than the presidential elections. I became schizophrenic... at times quiet, biting my nails, holding my breath. At other times, jumping up and down, growling like a Tiger.

The lead was tenuous, flip flopping back and forth... and could have gone either way.

This time it tipped our way: 52-49. We got to see our son, Landon, turn into a state champ.

Hurricane Tigers claw their way to the top and silence the Thunder

Landon and best bud, Bryce Drawe, share in the thrill. Photo credit: St. George News

Read about it here
Watch it here


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