Get Your Senses Stimulated Here....Something Good is a'Comin!

Oh boy, oh boy, oh boy! Better than Christmas....(almost)! Lookie what is coming in October!!!
Click here and be happy!


100% Successful

I became friends with four great women when I started nurse practitioner school. Over the course of our program, we studied together, traveled together, worked on group projects together

partied together, marched across the stage together at graduation

and NOW we ALL passed our boards!!

It is a great feeling to 1) have passed and 2) to have ALL passed!

Congratulations to each one of us. We are now officially board certified FNP's.

Jenni Fisher, MSN, FNP-BC


Take Your Vitamins

The other day my mom and dad called and asked if I took my vitamins. Once a parent, always a parent!

Thanks for watching out for me M&D!


Bop On Over to Hackworthappenings

For my post this week, I would like to send you on over to my mother's blog. She summed up what happened at our house last Sunday. It was a great, great day indeed!!

Thanks mom and dad for you love, support, picture taking, food contributions and blogging all about it.


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