What's the Difference?

It really isn't full-blown Winter anymore. But it's not quite Spring either.

This is my least favorite time of year. Even with the amount of chocolate available.


until the tulips bring color to our days, I think it's time for a little game to liven things up. Everyone loves a good game, right?

This game is called  

What's The Difference?

(Incidentally, as luck would have it, that's the same question I have about the Superbowl XLV half-time show and the Gong Show.)

Here's how it works: I will post two pictures that look eerily similar. To the untrained eye, that is. If you have a discerning eye for detail and can pick out the most expensive shoes without even seeing the price tag....you will rock this game. Wait a minute. Wrong analogy. Having good taste doesn't have anything to do with the skill needed here.

For this game, your eagle eye needs to find the difference(s) between two pictures.

So here are the rules:

1. Every Monday at 7:00 am M.S.T. (till the tulips bloom), I will post a new photo game.
2.The first person to email me with the correct answer(s) will win a prize. Not like a coupon for CheeseWhiz kind of prize. I'm talking a cool prize.
3. The prizes will vary and will be announced each week, so you will know what you are playing for.
4. Please do NOT state the ANSWERS in the comment section. Play fair, K?

This first week will be a trial run. No prizes...just fun, fun, fun!

The photo below has ONE and only ONE difference between the two (besides the obvious labeling for your convenience). Find the difference and email me (address on sidebar).

*NOTE: The image on the right is slightly larger. That is NOT the difference I'm talking about.

Oh, and please leave a comment below and help me out: was this too easy, too hard or just right!

Keep swimming and keep your chin up till the Spring flush.
Ms Fish


Justin said...

I can't see any difference without taking more ADD medicine.

Lori said...

Prizes, what prizes? Do we get a gold fish?

Paula said...

This one is too hard. I looked at them for 20 mins. cannot see a difference.

Anonymous said...

< 30 seconds, I won't post the answer and spoil the fun though.

Janessa said...

Mindy and I think we got it. :) This was a good brain waker-uper before school.

Anonymous said...

You mean the freckle by the nose that's missing on the right one?....we're going melanin now?


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