What's the Difference: Lovers

 Feb. 16
**An update from Ms. Fish 
This contest is now closed. We didn't reach 14 comments so I learned that what works for the radio, doesn't work for blogs. Bad idea. Because I know that MANY, MANY more than the 12 who left comments played the game. You were just silent lurkers :)

NEXT WEEK, the rules will change again. The winner will be picked randomly from those who leave a comment. If we only have 12 comments again, your odds are good (but the goods won't be odd). And since we didn't have a winner this week...the stakes will be raised. Come on back next Monday and play. And this time, speak up. You'll be glad you did.


Happy Valentine's Day of Love.  

For our game today, we have a pair of lovers with lots to read and no time to do it (hubba, hubba).
Good luck. And thanks for playing along.

Just a reminder about the rules:

1. Find FIVE differences between the two photos (excluding the photo labels).

2. The fourteenth person to email me with the correct answer will win a $20 gift certificate to Olive Garden. Yum! Free food! Free delicious food!

3. In order to claim your prize, you must have also left a comment on the blog. I'll be checking. (Note: the amount of comments and emails I receive may not be equal.... in other words, someone may leave a comment without emailing me. Or vice versa. So don't throw in the [monogrammed pink valentine's] towel if you already see 14 blog comments....)

4. Please do NOT tell the answers in the comment section. Only through email (link on sidebar).

Photo credit: Todd Pellowe

What did you think... too easy, too hard or just right?

Keep swimming and keep loving each other and books.
Ms. Fish

oh wait...a final treat: enjoy this awesomely sweet song in honor of today.


Karrie said...

I got it. I think.

Amanda Borden said...

I will give this a try too! This is such a fun idea. Happy Valentines Jen!

Jeff Borden said...

Figured it out...the wifey is emailing it after the other 13 do...

Janna said...

Happy Valentine's Day!
Here's a fishy pic, just for you!

Heather said...

Like I said in my email, I just found your blog through cjane's post about St. George. This is fun!

John said...

Thought this was just right. Had to search for a bit to find the last one. Fun idea. Thanks for the game. Can't wait till next week.

Tom Green said...

I think I got it too. It was a bit harder then last weeks I thought.

LoriPhdinme said...

I hope I spied with my eyss enough differences to get a dish from Mrs. Fish

Stockton said...

Hahaha I found it!!! I think I got a record. 2.33339587 seconds

Bonnie said...

I found four and then finally found the fifth one. I just sent my email to you. Happy Valentine's Day. Hope you enjoyed your grilled cheese sandwich.

Anonymous said...

Found them! What a great idea. Can't wait for next week.
I found your blog from Cjane. You are a fun writer.

Ms. Fish said...

We are almost there.... need just a few more people to get a winner! Thanks to all who have commented so far.

Everyone is doing a great job finding the differences.

Loni said...

Is there an Olive Garden in China in case I win?


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