Mighty Missus Fishy

Brent has taken to calling me the
Not that I am mighty or that I am black. It is in honor of the mighty Mississippi River which he flew over in April on is way to earn his black belt in Six Sigma training.

I love to hear Brent come home from work and say, "well there's the mighty Mrs. Fishy!"



Janessa's friend, Tommy Stirland came over today. He brought his picture of Tiger Woods, which he drew in pencil, five different types. BYU offered to purchase it. Tommy said "No thanks". His mom said, "I wish you would have sold it. I don't want Tiger in my living room."


Silver good as Gold

Landon and Stockton played soccer in the Cedar City Summer Games, playing 8 games in three days. The gold medal round was nail biter. The boys ended with a silver medal. I can never get enough of watching the boys play soccer!


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