The Year of the Scarf

Scarf from Anthropologie

Are you loving this season's saturation with scarves? A scarf is about as versatile as an Idaho spud. There is no doubt that a great scarf can give any outfit a perky lift (true... the bigger the perks, the higher the lift).

Enjoy this video from Brandi who shows how to tie a scarf. And makes me laugh.

Scarf Conversations from Brandi Wilson on Vimeo.


LGH said...

I thought it was funny how she would yell to her kids, "I'm making a video!" But, a fun new way to tie a scarf...I'll try it.

Leslie said...

LOVE it! I need some more scarves!
And darling picture of you at the top.

You are a babe.

LoriPhdinme said...

She left out the the strategy of scarfs as restraint devices for rambuctious children. Tee Hee...Scarfs aren't just for fashion anymore


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