On New Year's Eve, Otto and Andy, (age 14) were going to their first dance. Daisy Fish (16) and Big Fish (18) gave the twins dancing lessons before they left the house. Big Fish said: "You have GOT to know how to do the Thriller dance!"

It was so tender and touching watching my kiddos dance together, laughing and enjoying one another. I practically ordered Celeste, our friend, to take a picture. Thanks Celeste!!

Once in awhile, the Fishies take a break from their arguing to have a little a fun!

New Years Eve, 2008


LGH said...

great pictures and great family to dance together.

Nat said...

What a wonderful memory this will be for you and your family...and I love that you got pictures to document it!

Angie said...

Your kids don't fight do they? I thought that your family was perfect! I still do!

LoriPhdinme said...

Cool..next time I am sending Zach over so your kids can pressure him into dancing too


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