Need A Nurse Practitioner?

Photo credit: Justin Hackworth

Every day except Tuesdays, I go to clinic and see children and adults who want help with their healthcare. Sometimes the doc can help. Sometimes he/she can't.

And sometimes, it seems like as a patient, you are put through so much trying to get to the bottom of things and/or trying one treatment after another that you begin to look back on your original complaint with fondness.

Being a good provider has a lot to do with having a good patient. Learning to be an effective patient is of tremendous help to the NP or MD. So...coming in a future post: Patient tips to maximize the NP's ability to accurately diagnose the problem while minimizing the discomfort.


Nat said...

I look forward to learning how I can be a good patient!

LGH said...

Jenni, what a great idea to give the patient tips. And, this picture is really awesome!

LoriPhdinme said...

Awesome photo. It is so, well, you!

Mrs. Olsen said...

Can't wait to hear your tips. On a market level, as a "consumer" (aka patient) I would love to have a traveling NP or midwife or someone that would come to my house to do well-child exams. I would also love to have more options and education about vaccines i.e. having no preservative / refridgerated vaccines have been developed (or so I've heard) but whenever I bring that up to pedi's they draw a blank.


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