Looking in the Rear View Mirror (Websites)

Websites I love....

All around fun: photography, cooking, design
The Pioneer Woman

Computer / Graphic Design
Graphic Illustrations
Totally Rad
Web Designer Wall

Bon Appetit
Donna Hay



Music Notes (sheet music downloads)
Paper Source
REI Outlet
Royal Noodle Picture Company
See Jane Work
Ballard Designs

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da bunch said...

k, now i can try to rewrite what my son erased. i had some profound things i wrote that was written in the emotion of the moment and i don't know if i can adequately express what i previously expressed. so i will try again.. i said something like.... astounding, you are always amazing me with all the wonderful things you are writing. i don't know how you do everything, do you have a clone. i mean you are sooo creative and smart and clever and a mom and wife. you cook and eat good (and bad) food and stay fit, your kids are awesome, how do you do it, your energy? your poems are so awesome too. I love it. people read your blog just so they can live proxy through you, plus you're entertaining. thank you for all the effort you put into this, I luv ya and am so grateful i am able to get to know you this way, otherwise i may not have. and thanks for inviting us to the singalong, it looks like you had fun, we just couldn't come because of the kids. anyways, thanks for all the insights and inspiration. whew!!


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