Difference Between Men and Women

Guys are biologically capable of keeping track of huge numbers of television simultaneously by changing the channel the instant something boring happens, such as dialogue.

Whereas women, because of a tragic genetic flaw, feel compelled to watch only one program at a time, the way people did back in the Middles Ages, before the invention of the remote control.

Taken from Classic Dave Barry Calendar


Anonymous said...

Funny. I like your header by the way. Kari S.

Nat said...

Oh how true! I too love your new header on your blog!

kelli said...


lovely lady lessy. said...

the eight-year old I nanny even does this.

not kidding. one day, we're watching jurassic park, and he fast forwarded through all the dialogue (the "boring parts") to the parts where the dinosaurs are either a)charging/stampeding or b)smashing/ killing something.

it was at this point that i said, "hudson, let's just go look at some dinosaur books."


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