Dave Barry is My Hero

For Christmas, Ms. Hack gave Ms. Fish a Dave Barry calendar. It's not aesthetically pleasing like this calendar, but it pleases the funny-bone (which is somehow connected to my wish-bone, because I wish I had the ability to be funny like DB.)

Luckily, my blog is going to be the beneficiary of some of the funny dailies that are too great to tear off and throw in the trash! (But I AM throwing them in the trash. I'm on a de-cluttering rampage remember?)

The University of Oregon team nickname is the "Ducks," which led to the following actual headline in the Seattle Times when an Oregon women's team lost to a team from the University of Washington (the "Huskies"): HUSKY WOMEN SUBDUE DUCKS.

MONDAY 1/5/09
I am NOT kidding about the Arson Cat. According to an Associated Press story, investigators conculded that a house fire in Lima, New York, was caused by "a cat playing with matches," prompting us to once again ask ourselves, as concerned citizens, WHEN is the government going to come to its senses and order the mandatory sterilization of ALL cat owners?

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LGH said...

I'm so glad that you like the calendar...I love Dave Barry also. So to be sure, share the good ones. (Loved the one about cats feeling as I do about them.)


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