Looking in the Rear View Mirror (Movies)

Movies I totally enjoyed watching this year: (These didn't come out in 08. I just saw them in 08. Sometimes I'm not au courant, and sometimes a year goes by without any greats from Hollywood)

Greatest Game Ever Played (golf? interesting? I know, I was shocked myself. Camera work was awesome!)
The Namesake (loved everything about this movie. It is basically a string of stills strung together. Beautiful photography. Nicely done story).
Holes (I just keep going back to this movie. What a classic...great lines, memorable characters...original story! "I ain't on stupid pills!")
Miss Potter (Sweet. I even tolerated Renee Zelltailwagger)
Amazing Grace (Fun to see early American history from England's point of view. They had great men leading their country as well!)
The Queen
World Cup Soccer Highlights
Count of Monte Cristo

Movies I hated: (these don't deserve a link)
The Dark Knight
Forbidden Kingdom

Documentaries I enjoyed:
The King of Kong

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LGH said...

Thanks for the list of movies...I'm always on the lookout for good movies. I like a lot of the ones you mentioned.


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