What's the Difference: Results

Good windy morning!

Last night I was reminded ALL night long that I live in Hurricane. Maybe the strong winds will carry in Spring.

Thanks to all who played What's the Difference

We had a winner at 9:13 pm. Congrats to Justin, an artist with a sharp and creative eye. Several others got it right too.

Now do I tell the answer? Or not so others can still play?

In the trial run I learned a few things. So I am going to do some tweaking. (Did I mention that one of the rules of this game is that I can change the rules?)

Next week, the winner will be the 14th person who emails me with the correct answer (hey...just like being the XXth caller on the radio)! 

Fourteen. In honor of V-day. Lovely.

AND here is the catch. (Why is there always a catch?)  In order to claim your prize, you must have also left a comment on the blog. I know. That is two things you have to do: email AND comment. But we have traditional values around here at Ms. Fish: you can't expect something for nothing. You are getting a free prize for heaven's sake.

It will be worth it.

If you like money. And you like food.

Hope you'll play along next week.

Photo credit: Jamie Hammond

Keep swimming and let me know if you see hints of Spring.
Ms Fish


Anonymous said...

no, i don't think you should tell the answer.

Mrs. Olsen said...

Of course Justin the Photographer won!

I'm excited to play next week. Watch out Justin...


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