The Best Basketball Game Ever

The excitement in the air was so thick you could put a picture frame around it. The place was packed.  Emotions were tense. Stakes were high. The crowd was charged. Teams were ready.

Sounds like the Sing-Off.

But I'm actually referring to the 3A State Basketball Championship game held on Feb. 25, 2012 at the Dixie State College Burns Arena.

Walking into the Burns Arena was unlike anything I had experienced. It was intense and exciting. I tried to soak in the whole cool milieu...the cheerleaders, the media, the bands, the announcer, the crowd in their red and black. All my senses were heightened because we had a player on the team which upped the 'care' meter. My nerves were rattling and my fiercely competitive nature was kicking into high gear.

We had watched a lot of [great] basketball to get to this point. Our boys had worked so hard. They were the underdogs, yet they had fairly earned their way into the top bracket. They had wiggled through some nail biting play-off games.

 Now, it was down to just one more game.

I wanted to win fast but play in slow motion. I wanted to hurry and start, yet didn't want it to be over. I really didn't want to go into over-time. But wanted them to take their time.  I wanted the game to end, but not be finished: the end of the game meant Landon's basketball career was finished. 

The game was everything a top level competitive game should be: incredible skill and athleticism sprinkled with bits of luck, high energy, tender moments, and just plain bedazzle!  As the game wore on, it became scarier to watch than the presidential elections. I became schizophrenic... at times quiet, biting my nails, holding my breath. At other times, jumping up and down, growling like a Tiger.

The lead was tenuous, flip flopping back and forth... and could have gone either way.

This time it tipped our way: 52-49. We got to see our son, Landon, turn into a state champ.

Hurricane Tigers claw their way to the top and silence the Thunder

Landon and best bud, Bryce Drawe, share in the thrill. Photo credit: St. George News

Read about it here
Watch it here

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