Enough is Enough

One day I thought, I’ve a problem to face…
a serious issue of having no space.

When and how did all this stuff creep
into our house while we’ve all been asleep?

I admit I’ve helped this predicament some.
For when there’s a sale, you can bet I will come.

For example, there’s the school supply sale in the Fall
with the pencils and markers and staplers and all.

Notebooks are always on sale for a dime.
It’s too hard to resist. I buy sixty nine!

No matter if the item is something I need
If it’s a good deal, I feel justified indeed.

Besides all the bargains, I don’t throw away.
You just never know, I may need it someday.

It’s not in my nature to toss out in haste.
I don’t like to see anything going to waste.

You say you are taking a load to D.I.?
Could I take a look, and give YOUR stuff a try?

You’re tossing a bike from the Civil War days?
I’ll take it. I may need a ‘vintage’ display.

Our corners and closets and each little nook,
are teeming with gadgets and gizmos and books.

We have quilts and old clothes and folders and files,
chipped china from grandma and yarn stretching miles.

The storage shed (which formerly was a garage)
is packed with stacks of old boxes to dodge.

They’re sheltered inside from the weather and dust,
while our costly vehicles sit outside and rust.

Maybe I just shouldn’t make such a fuss.
The problem is though, there’s no room for US!

 Copyright 2012 By Jenni Fisher


LGH said...

Hey, it's about time you posted something! I love this poem...it nails it!

Missy B. said...

this is like Shel Silverstein. i love it.

LoriPhdinme said...

I've said it before and I'll say it again.
Purging is just not for bulemics my friend.

Lolene said...

Loved it! You are the poet laureate of Hurricane, Girl! This poem made me laugh...and cry just a little!!!

Mrs. Olsen said...

Love this. I can totally relate! I like to look at a room that needs a rehaul as a potential "cartwheel room" instead of a game room - play room - craft room. I really yearn for empty space to simply fill with US and our relationships.

Spot on!


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