Confessions of a 1000-Thread Count Sheet Lover

I want to make a confession. Which could be misconstrued as a rant. Or a gratuitous plea for support. If you choose to take a more jaded view. I prefer to think of it as a healthy admission.....a step on the winding path to self-enlightenment.

I do NOT like cheap stuff. 

I do not like it Sam-I-Am. I do not like cheap filler-injected ham. I do not like the dollar store. I do not want to shop there more.

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Which brings me to the topic of more disclosure. I have a certain talent and skill which has complicated my life. This skill is basically a special super power. I have an internal honing device that can identify with laser-like precision the most expensive item in any store. I can pick it out AND it is almost always the very item I loooove the most! This has become a running joke with Mr. Fish. If I show interest in something, we don't even have to check the pricetag to KNOW it is the most expensive item in the store. Someone should hire me to sniff out the best products. I would be a killer contestant if they make a new game show: THE PRICE IS HIGH.

I can't help it. I would much rather have ONE pair of $200 quality leather boots that will wear well and just get better-looking and more comfortable with age than have ten pairs of $20 shoes from Target. Quality over quantity. Any day. And always.

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I am tired of cheap stuff. 

Daisy just bought a pair of shoes, wore them once and the sole is worn out. Bah!!

Oh sure, expensive doesn't always equate to quality. But it's often a good indicator. I'm not saying I love paying full inflated prices for things. I love a good sale. But there is no doubt I am attracted to nice, quality things.

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This has at certain times (read: always) been an itty bitty source of contention between my husband and me. He likes cheap stuff.

He likes cheap stuff because it is a survival tactic.
He likes cheap stuff because of our career choices.
He likes cheap stuff because we have four teen-agers whose expenses are equivalent to the national budget of New Zealand.
He likes cheap stuff because he is content.
He likes cheap stuff because his wife doesn't.

His healthy ways are quite sickening. Well... honestly, his ways have kept us solvent.

My skills are dangerous. It makes it hard. I would rather not have a couch at all and ask our company to sit on the floor while we wait until we can afford a leather couch. Mr. Fish is totally content with getting a couch passed over from my parents. But only because that is the way he has to be. And I really do appreciate and love him for that. Someday, when we have the means, he will like nice things too.

The bottom line is that I have everything I need. Arms. Legs. A few molars for chewing. House with heat. Car that [mostly] runs. I am seriously blessed with my second-hand sofa and a closet with Payless shoes.

And yet... I can't ignore my inner yearnings. I confess.

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Can you tell which shoe has the highest price? My super powers could tell. Your foot could tell.

One of these shoes is $24.99. The other is $345.00

Keep swimming and supporting American-made products.
Ms. Fish


Missy B. said...

i can tell the difference between the shoes. honestly ~ i have a pair of $40 flip flops that i wear *everyday* (yes, even in the winter time; and have worn them for about 3 years) and i have a pair of $5 flip flops that i have worn, i don't know, twice in the 6 years that i have had them. the $40 ones have an arch support and have not worn out since i have worn them *everyday* for the last three years.

yes, i shop at IKEA and i love it. but yes, my favorite down vest cost me $150. it has a hood, and i wear it 5 months out of the year, nearly everyday.

so when you think, hmmm: i could have a cheap-a** vest or flip flops that only cost a few bucks, but i've only worn them a handful of times, or i could have something expensive that i really enjoy and use or wear everyday, you need to look at the price-per-day, as i like to put it (it's like buying something in the grocery store based on price-per-pound or price-per-ounce... those little numbers below the price that most people do not even look at... ) and when you look at it that way, the more expensive thing *actually ends up saving you money and being cheaper in the end because you wore/used it more*

so in a nutshell, and because i am running out of space to respond... i agree whole-heartedly.

Ms. Fish said...

Well said Missy B. That is exactly the point I was trying to make.. you said it much better. Now it is my turn to agree with you whole-heartedly!

Thanks for your insights.


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