I Don't Wear Green Very Well

The Beattles sing "Can't Buy me Love."

But what do they know? The wanted everyone to live in a yellow submarine.

The fact is, you can buy love. Money can buy a lot of things: happiness, power, prestige, position, friendship, leadership, and yes, it can even buy a family. There is almost nothing that money can't buy.



E&W are immune to the tinkle of coins, and can only be purchased with the commodity of TIME. Experience cannot be transferred from person to person. It must be self-acquired. That is what makes experience, and the resulting wisdom, so valuable.

But sometimes I sure wish there were shortcuts, or little secret tricks on how to gain experience faster. Wouldn't it be great if Groupon had killer 2 for 1 specials every so often? Two year's worth of experience for 1 year's worth of work.

I could go for that.

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LGH said...

This is an awesome blog post. Oh, and it's so painfully true. You really nailed it.


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