The Last Supper(s)

photo by ms fish
Every morning when our friends came to get us for school, my mom would ask each one what they had for breakfast, and if we weren't running late, what they had for dinner the night before. It became so routine that eventually kids started volunteering what they had to eat before my mom had a chance to ask.

We used to tease my mom mercilessly about her inquisitions. And now, I realize how brilliant she was. That daily ritual was my mom's live Pinterest board... her way of getting meal ideas for the family.

As the circle often spins round 380 degrees, I find myself doing (or at least thinking about doing) the same thing. I would love to poll every person at church on Sunday and ask what sorts of casseroles or crockpot delights await their arrival.  Are they going home to boiled, roasted, au gratinated, or mashed potatoes? What about Monday's meal?

Just like my mother did, I love to talk about food with others - to get ideas, sure - but it is also much more. Sharing our food habits, preferences, ideas and successes is really a glimpse into our heart.

In one week, I will no longer be cooking for my family. We are all dispersing to college and missions and I am moving away to start a new job, leaving my husband behind to sell our home. It really gave me a jolt as I went to the grocery store today and realized I was shopping for our last few suppers.

Since I am curious about what others eat, I imagine some of you are too. So I am going to share what I have planned for the next week. For me, cooking for my family is a demonstration of my love for them. I enjoy it, and will miss it very much. I hope they will love our last few suppers together, at least for a season.

Friday: Rosemary Chicken Lasagna, watermelon
Saturday: eat out
Sunday: Steak with herb butter, potato gratin, roasted cauliflower and zucchini with marcona almonds, fresh corn on the cob, homemade rolls
Monday: Thai-Style Chicken and Quinoa Salad
Tues: homemade pizza
Wed: grilled salmon with lemon butter sauce, rice pilaf and cheddar biscuits
Thurs: leftovers

I'm curious.... if you had one more week to feed your family, what would you serve?


Ann Wixom said...

Sounds like a delicious week. I am excited for your new adventure and the inspiration I know you will find for you posts. I appreciate your perspective and your willingness to share.

LGH said...

Truly, Jenni, you are a marvel!?!?!??!?!??!? I could not even believe this menu; looks like something out of that place where Jordan took his wife for that fancy dancy birthday meal. This is just unbelievable. But, to answer your question....well, actually, I don't have an answer....it's quite a challenging question. But, lucky family at your home! You are inspiring.


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