Footprints of Southern Utah

Change is rarely easy. Unless you are changing from a standing to {my favorite} lying position. I dig that change every night.

But other types of change, such as leaving a place you love... well... now that can tough -- tough as a cheap steak in an amateur cook's hands.

I've moved 7 times in my life. And each time has been for new and exciting, greener pastures. But this time....my 8th time... feels different. It IS different. I was settled in. Happy. Comfortable. Secure. With my family around, friends found, and job sound.

Then we heard a thunder clap. My husband's company, Viracon, announced out of the clear cold blue, that they were closing their doors. With no job for Possum, a mountain of school debt, and our youngest boys (and only children living at home) leaving on a mission, we decided to make a move. HAHA! Literally.

I am joining the National Health Service Corps and moving to help a place where it is hard to recruit practitioners, with a two-fold benefit. It will help the community (ahhhhhh) and pay off my student loans (yay!!). Our goal is to return to southern Utah in 2-4 years, debt-free, and a little stronger, a little wiser, and a little grayer in the pelo (did I mention I'll be learning Spanish...).

Nice idea. Painful execution.

So I decided to get creative. It's more fun than crying. My solution?

Sole searching.

I started an Instagram / Facebook series entitled Footprints of Southern Utah, documenting my feet / footprints in various undisclosed places that are meaningful to me. I posted daily for three weeks, and followers could guess where I was.

This project was fun and just what I needed to turn my frown upside down.


Here are the stats:

22 days
38 locations (+ 11 more that didn't make the cut into the project)
26 pairs of shoes (two not pictured)

8 photographers/assistants
4 pedicures
4 colors of nail polish

3 Swig sugar cookies
3 embarrassing moments
1 can of whipping cream
1 pie mis-hap


Without further adieu, I give to you....


Day One - DIXIE REGIONAL HOSPITAL. This was my last day assisting in the Operating Room, next to my awesome mentor and friend, Dr. Ott. I walked out of the OR, teary and droopy. And the hospital healing gardens took my breath away, and cheered me up. The hospital grounds are soooo lovely! And so are my Keens, I might add.

Day Two - ST. GEORGE TEMPLE - (Does anyone else think the temple builders must have had a wicked sense of humor?)

Day Three - SWIG. I had to eat a few cookies, washed down with a Dirty Dr. Pepper, to get the shot just right. Sometimes I make sacrifices like that. And contrary to what may appear, the health hazards of eating from this footstool is minimal due to the fact that..... not many others have eaten off my footstool.

Or version two....for the more conservative types.

Day Four - OUR POOL, with friends and neighbors and noodles

Day Five - ENTERPRISE RESERVOIR, where my dad and I went fishing, finally. As you can see, we scored.

Day Six -  JUDD'S COUNTRY STORE. How can you not love a store that sells Love Potion #69, DANG Root Beer, Kickapoo Juice, and Bacon flavored soda, plus old-fashioned candy. This is great place for stocking stuffers!

Day Seven - TABERNACLE IN ST. GEORGE.  I love this pic! I look so hip and cute. (And short!) The Tabernacle is a place where I heard my daughter as well as dear friends perform at various times.

Day Eight - KOKOMO SNO. This is a new little sno cone shack... I mean trailer... in Hurricane that is adorbs!!! Complete with changing fluorescent mood lighting. Oh and did I mention delicioso? Try peaches with sweet cream.

Day Nine - COSTCO. True... it isn't fancy {so I paired it with non-fancy shoes} but it isn't available in my new town, and I'm having a little bit of panic attack about it. In other happier news, may I suggest the Hi-Chews?

Day Ten - MY PARENT'S BACKYARD IN ST. GEORGE. Let's get sappy for moment, shall we? I'm sad that this picture doesn't show off my dad's beautiful yard. I'm wearing flowers in my toes to make up for it. Oh I will miss this peaceful, happy place!

Day Eleven - GRAFTON. A favorite place of the hubs and Billy the Kid. A ghost town with charm, history, beauty and mystery.

Day Twelve - CORAL CLIFFS CINEMA. They have such friendly and good-looking ticket takers! (Hey dude... your thumb is butting into my picture).

Day Thirteen - SPRINGDALE AND ZION, one of my favorite places in all the world. PS: Does anyone ever stop and get apple juice from this place?

I'm definitely reflecting on this beauty....

Day Fourteen - DOWNTOWN PUBLIC LIBRARY OF ST. GEORGE. Good study times here with friends. Warning: Do not try this at home. I repeat, do not write on your feet. It tickles.

That's Rhett and Scarlet on the cover by the way. That's why I can handle sitting in the middle of the floor in the middle of the room with stares from all directions. Because tomorrow is another day.

Day Fifteen - What do do in the Summertime? PICKLE BALL COURTS. It is here I love to beat my husband.

Day Fifteen - What to do in the summertime? HURRICANE CITY FINE ARTS BUILDING. Watched + performed many great shows here. The last one, shown here, was Annie, the musical. And no, I'm not putting my feet up on the chairs, kids. That is only an amazing illusion.

Day Fifteen - What to do in the summertime? HURRICANE CITY SWIMMING POOL. The lifeguards are so competent and cute.

Day Fifteen - What to do in the summertime? VIRGIN RIVER. The Laurels and I floated this on my final week as Young Woman's president. I popped a tube. Didn't blow a gasket.

Day Fifteen - What to do in the summertime? ROOFTOP CONCERT IN PROVO. Ok... it's not Southern Utah but such a great event co-founded by my brother. And as a public service, I ought to let you know, it's just as good listening upside down.

Day Fifteen - Oh what to do in the summertime? ST. GEORGE SPLASH PAD. I don't have little kiddos, so why this place you might ask. It was here my friends and I met and made a huge welcome home poster for Bridget's missionary daughter. You might think a wet park is a funny place to make a poster out of paper.  It is.

Day Fifteen - Oh what to do in the summertime? ST. GEORGE DAY SPA. Daisy gave me a spa day with her for Mother's Day. Such a fun gift and day!!

Day Sixteen - WOMEN'S HEALTH SPECIALISTS. This was my office. Dr. Fisher, at your cervix! Loved working here!!

Day Seventeen - HURRICANE HIGH SCHOOL SOCCER FIELD. If you came to the high school soccer games the last few years, you would have heard my voice "Welcome to Tiger Stadium. Where the winds are fierce and so are the Tigers!" I loved announcing the games, and spent many many hours on that field watching my sons beat... play soccer.

See Ms. Fish. See Ms. Fish jumping. See Ms. Fish jumping for joy.

Day Eighteen - Let's go shopping! KITCHEN KORNER. I may or may not have spent a little too much money here. And I may or may not have made a fool of myself taking this picture.

Day Eighteen - Let's go shopping! ACE HARDWARE IN ST GEORGE. Much more than a Hardware store, much to my husband's wallet's dismay.

Day Eighteen - Let's go shopping! CHRISTENSEN'S. Best place for outdoor and dress shoes.

Day Eighteen - Let's go shopping! CLASSIC SPORTS - Best place for athletic supplies. Plus, Jared is the best athletic supporter in town!

Day Eighteen - Let's go shopping! HARMON'S. Best grocery store EVER! Especially their cheese section. Some girls kick up their heel with a juicy kiss. I kick up mine with a juicy selection of cheese.

Day Eighteen - Let's Eat! WHIPTAIL GRILL IN SPRINGDALE BABY!!. One of my all-time favorite places to eat. LOVE their spaghetti squash and goat cheese enchilada, pictured here. I'm hoping to get one in the mail for my birthday.

Day Eighteen - Let's eat! DURANGO'S. A local joint that feeds our family monthly. Ok, weekly.

Day Eighteen - Let's eat! BENJA THAI - Last supper with my bestest friends.

Day Nineteen - DIXIE ROCK, overlooking all of St. George. I'm sporting my new adventure shoes, made by awesome friend Becky Lewis! Oh my sole, those are Dr. Seuss quotes on the bottom.

The shoes are chuck full of quotes and a recipe and signatures and things that I love.

Day Nineteen - SKY MOUNTAIN GOLF COURSE. The place where the colors are really this vibrant. Meaningful because this is where Andy learned to golf and played on the high school team. And where we took family photos and dance pictures.

Day Nineteen - TEN:TWO, an adorable boutique in downtown Hurricane, owned by the darling, creative entrepreneur Shari Leavitt, shown here! She probably won't paint your toes (unless you are doing a Footprints project), but she will sell you some killer polish and cute clothes to match.

Day Twenty - HURRICANE PEACH ORCHARDS, looking towards Molly's nipple, a Hurricane landmark of mammaried fame. I call this Toe Jam: An Ode to the Fruit Orchard.

Day Twenty One - HOME SWEET HOME - MY KITCHEN FLOOR. I love the tile that my husband laid. It looks like aged brown leather. So my aged foot fits right in.

Day Twenty One - HOME SWEET HOME. This pic showcases one of my culinary treats, since I love to cook and bake. This butterscotch pudding with caramel sauce is the last homemade thing I made in my kitchen. Served up on a {foot} bed of lettuce whipping cream.

Day Twenty One - HOME SWEET HOME - MY BACKYARD. This is my favorite of the footprint pictures. It's Wild and carefree and the epitome of summer. Thanks to my honey for taking such good care of our grass. It looks amazing!

Day Twenty One - HOME SWEET HOME. Love at home! Taken on the night before I moved.

So glad my parents came to say good-bye.

Day 22 Moving Day - SAND HOLLOW RESERVOIR. On to new roads, new adventures, and healing of my burned legs.



For those that just can't get enough.... here are the OUTTAKES: the photos and places that didn't make it into the series.

Sean's work / classroom at BYU

Dixie Health and Wellness Center where I was a provider and had a great nurse and office manager

Watching my boys play pickleball

Back for more Kokomo Sno

City pool where Otto teaches swimming lessons and lifeguards

My mom and dad's lush green grass and Daisy's cute feet

I couldn't use this picture because it's false advertising. I don't run.

Which shoe? Chaco or Keen.

A different version of  the pickle ball courts.

We live in a desert.

Croshaw's pies. The pie melted.

Ballard's nursery.

Who doesn't love a good flower foot soak now and then?

Or just a foot soak!

Watch an exciting behind the scenes video of how we took the above photo

Desert cracks

The bank

Health and Performance Center Surgical Suite

River Road Operating Room - loved assisting in the OR

Church gym

Me and my dear friend, Amee, at the temple.

Well there you have it.... I shoe'd you a thing or two about my world. It helped heel my heartache about leaving, and was a ball to think about places and people important to our family. Now I'm sure you never want to see another picture of my feet again.

Before you go.... Tell me, do you have a favorite from this footprints series? What do you do to help when making a big change in your life? Have you found a good way to say good-bye? What footprints do you want to leave behind?

I would LOVE you to leave your footprint here and hear from you!

Huge thanks to:

Brent Fisher
Janessa Behunin
Jared Behunin
Stockton Fisher
Sean Fisher
Landon Fisher
Loni Hackworth
Allen Hackworth
Amee Roe
Jennifer Montgomery
Becky Lewis
Shari Leavitt
Lance Gubler
Jared Ellison
Shauna Zundel
Barbara Johnson



Bridget said...

".....best athletic supporter in town....Toe Jam: an ode to the fruit orchard"!! Oh, how I will miss that wit!! So CUTicle.....really FUNgus!!!

LGH said...

Jenni, this was just AWESOME! You are so very clever, (as is your friend Bridget!) I loved this. Okay, so favorite picture...ah, too many clever ones to choose from. I really like the one where you are upside down, and I LOVE the shoes in the sand with the words good-bye. Such a clever, clever post. Now, you need to do something to write about your new place. We all want more.

jeremy said...

You have nice feet and legs

jeremy said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
LGH said...

Just reread it - AGAIN...fantastic. Favorite post ever of all time. So creative, fun, clever, meaningful.

LGH said...

Okay, it's March, and I reread it; I didn't know whether to laugh or cry; a little of both actually!


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