I love lakes. And the beach--- the smell, endless sky, birds, soft sand. And mostly, I love the hypnotic waves that ripple on and on and on and on.

And yet... here I am living in a desert.

But I realized the other day, that there are waves (of sorts) to appreciate right here in my arid inland life.

My story begins with R, a 50 year female who tripped and landed on her elbow. She didn't show any visible trauma initially, but then large purplish bruises arrived to the party several days late, which caused R to worry and so she came to see me for the first time. With a normal x-ray and exam to back me up, I gave her reassurance that the bruising was a normal response and, "no, you are not crazy to be so worried."

One week later, R  brought in her best friend, I, who had not seen a doctor in several years. The two ladies giggled and carried on in the exam room, like a pair of teenage cheerleaders talking about the football team. I had a boatload of concerns, her health spiraling downward from years of neglect. Over time, we have tackled the problems one by one.

One day, I came in with her husband P, a diabetic who stopped taking his medication several years ago. His diabetes was out of control, bringing with it several other problems along for the ride. Among the first things I did was give him some cream for a bothersome rash. After getting almost immediate relief, he told his daughter to come see me for a rash that she was fighting. The 24 year old daughter, P2, bopped into the office with miserable sores and bobbed out with a prescription for relief.

So..R brought I. And I brought P. And P brought little P up the coconut tree. (Haha...10 points if you can name that book....).

Then there is L. She is an 82 year old firecracker, tough as leather, who was recently diagnosed with breast cancer and underwent a mastectomy. Her two daughters brought her in to see me as a new patient because she was having a reaction to the antibiotic given after surgery.

A week later, I walked into the exam room and saw a familiar face. "Well hello," I said. "Welcome back." One of L's daughters, E, had a few problems of her own she wanted to discuss.. Since then, E has returned several times, and I look forward to her visits.

A couple of weeks ago, as I was taking a history on a new patient named S, she blurted out, "my mother told me to come see you." Turns out, S is just as delightful as her mother and 82 year old grandmother (E and L).

And wouldn't you know it? S has a teenage daughter. And yes, now I have seen her also. Four generations. L+E+S.

Throughout my schooling I heard various providers boast about this sort of thing. "That's what I love about family medicine," they would taunt, "being able to care for the whole family."  Honestly, I didn't understand that appeal.

Until now.

I see they  were right. This privilege brings a certain pleasantness, a kind of soothing rhythm, as I move in and out of their days and observe the ebb and flow of their lives.


Oh sure, it isn't a substitute for the beach. But this RIPPLE effect (of seeing friends, families, generations, one bringing another and another) echoes a tiny hint of the ocean and brings a small wave of joy, right here in the desert.

And I don't even have to clean sand from my car.  


LGH said...

HOLY COW! You are SUCH a good writer! This is just so marvelous. And, I LOVE your analogy. I'm hoping that you will compile all these for a truly marvelous book....great storytelling; great experiences....Dr. Fish!

LoriPhdinme said...

I think this is yet another illustration of not only how wonderful you utilize writing skills but your masterful art of storytelling. It certainly illuminates one thing clearly for me. The ripple effect your courtesy, compassion, and competence as a caregiver is creating a following. It is the best way to conduct each day with kind words, listening ears, good choices, and loving the people you serve. I read everyone of your blogs with splendid wonderment

Nessa said...

Boom Chicka Boom Boom

Justin H. said...

Well said.

Melissa Hinton said...

Love it!!!!!


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