Crocs: In the Swamp

Fads come and go. Remember Saddleback jeans?

And it was a happy day when most of us (you can do it, Tennessee) kissed the mullet goodbye!

And now, I foretell the fad of Crocs slowing down.

Crocs has filed for Chapter 11. Maybe people have heard about all the law suits from kids getting the shoes stuck in escalators.

Or maybe, the company shot itself in the resin foot.

So here is the conundrum..... The technology exists to make hosiery that doesn't run. Or tires that do not blow. But that would eliminate recurring sales. Should a company deliberately make a sub-par product to encourage repeat business? Is that a good business practice model? Is it ethical? I am tired of cheap junk from China that doesn't last 3 months. So I must admit, I admire that about Crocs. But now it has come back to bite them. Once you buy one pair, you never need to buy another, thanks to their durability.

Do we punish quality in this country?


Nat said...

OH! That makes my toes hurt just looking at that picture!

I must admit, I cringe when I look at the tag of something I have bought and see that it's made in China. It really is exasperating to see just how many things in the stores come from over there. And I do not like at all how we have become such a "disposable" society. It really bothers me. So often it is cheaper to buy a 'new one' rather than pay some one to fix our 'old one' up. I do think we punish quality.

Oh, and I would pay big money for hosiery that does not run!

Bridget said...

Now don't be picking on Tennessee.....Mr. Penick would be very offended....the mullet has it's redeaming qualities! Only half as much hair in the land fills, more hair product is necessary (helping the economy there), and ....uhhh....well, I guess that's it!


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