Summer Skin

Do you sometimes get mistaken for an elephant? No....not because of your size. And not because you have a large proboscis. Oh and not because you are gray or have incisors as long as a yardstick , and not because...oh boy I better move on....

Do your heels have fissures as deep as Yellowstone canyon?

or look like a dry lake bed of Namibia?

Is summer sandal wear wreaking havoc on your normally supple feet backside?

Guess what I use for that? Hemp Chanvre from The Body Shop. And there is not a Body Shop where I live. Mine is almost gone, and I am PANICKING!! My heel skin will turn to eel skin without it.

I am telling you, this stuff works! I love, love, love it! Has sort of an earthy, sage-like aroma. Not for everyone. But I've grown accustomed, yea even, attracted to it. And it feels so good on the feet. Plus, it softens and heals. Heals the heels. I like that.

If I can't get some more Hemp, I may try Bag Balm. I was told in my dermatology class, that this stuff is fantastic and recommended for diabetics who get dry, cracked skin. Made for cow's utters and transferable to humans!

Ahh...the bag balm website has such pretty colors. And the lid has a picture of a green cow circled by flowers!

I may stink like a barn animal, and start leaking milk from my toes but at least I can still hold my head high when wearing sandals.

By the way, you can buy these beach sandals here.


Mathgraph said...

I'm glad you suggest this. I don't think I'll ever use it. However, some people might.

Nurse Practitioners Save Lives said...

I recommend bag balm as well. Sometimes something simple works so well.


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