A Blog for Sean

So, aren't three blogs better than two? I guess so...because I just started a third blog! This one is called "On the Lord's Errand." It is really about Sean: to post letters, photos and updates from his mission. You can check it out here, and become a follower.

I am so proud of Sean and his willingness to put college and girls on hold and act on his desire to bring the world the truth. He just went to the doctor today and has bronchitis and sinusitis. He doesn't feel well, yet he presses on. How I love him.

I miss him dearly...like a musician would miss a melody. I mean REALLY miss him!! I just want to pick up the phone and hear his voice. I want to make him some chicken noodle soup and breadsticks and nurse him back to health. I want to laugh at his quirky antics and marvel at his philosophical musings about mixing water and milk in the same glass.

For now, his letters are like getting an icy cold drink of water after a hot, long fast. They quench my Sean thirst and sustain me for another week.

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