They Came from Virginia

It was so great to have my brother, Jordan and his girlfriend Janna, here from Virginia. We swam, played RockBand and ate homemade sweet pulled pork burritos topped off with peaches and homemade vanilla bean ice cream. I love my family. Thanks for coming Jordan, Janna, Lucy, Anna, Immie and Oliver!

On a side note: Considering recent events at our house, it was fun when Jordan reminded us all he was Homecoming King of Madison High. So we got a photo of the King and Queen (upper left).

And one night while they were here, Grandma overheard this conversations between my nieces:
Immie (age 5): I don't like princess stuff.
Lucy: (age 5): Well...you don't like Janessa then, because she is a REAL LIVE princess.
Immie: I like Janessa. I just don't like Disney princesses.

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