Road to State Cup

Soccer has been a huge part of our family's life. Well, actually it has been a huge part of Otto and Andy's life. The rest of us have just tagged along for the rollercoaster ride. Over 11 years, I have watched hundreds of hours of soccer.

I still can't analyze the game very well. I'm starting to figure out offsides. And I know that when the ball goes into that net thing below, it is either very good or very bad. And I know that these boys look pretty handsome when standing in front of it. Especially with their victory faces!

This game was to get into the quarter finals...the boys played their guts out against Sparta and tied 1-1.

The next game (below) was on Tuesday, Oct. 19. We squeaked out a win (in part thanks to the incredible acrobatics and heroics of our keeper) in double overtime: 2-1 against the mighty Rangers who were tenacious. 

After each game, our team circles together. To do the male bonding thing. And talk about how great they are. Which is really smart of them...because they ARE great.

that's andy...right there in the center (#3)

Photo credit: Cindi

Photo credit: Cindi

This photo above is one of my FAVORITE moments of every game. After the sportmanship hand-shakes with the refs and the other team, all the boys start from the opposite side of the field and jog across to where the parents are spectating. And the boys clap for US.

At that moment, I envision that they are saying,

"thank you so much for all the hundreds thousands of dollars you have spent on my soccer, and for sweating and freezing through countless hours of games to support me, and for smelling my dirty socks."

But really they are thinking, "ok..now what is to eat?"

Despite what is in going through their head, I just love it when they do that traditional run across the field towards us and clap thing...it is always a touching moment. Either because I'm an old softy or because it really is a touching moment.


So far, the Fire FC has traveled over 1800 miles (made 3 trips to Orem) and played 4 hard-fought games to make it this far in the tourny (knocked out Arsenal, Forza, Sparta A, Rangers).

Tomorrow, we'll rack up another 600 miles. My husband and I (and the team) will travel [again] to Orem for the semi-final game against Sparta B. My stomach is already gearing up: it feels like there is a hamster spinning on a wheel inside it.

If When we win, we play for the State Cup championship (this is a BIG deal...a really BIG deal) in the REAL stadium in Sandy, Ut. How cool would that be?

I know winning isn't everything and that it's all about teamwork and lessons learned and....

Oh, who am I kidding? I want to win!!! Have I mentioned this is kinda a big deal?

Plus, victory is like being wrapped in a warm blanket of awesome.


Keep swimming, and wish us luck!
Ms. Fish

PS:  BIG thanks to our coach, Travis Wilkinson, and his wife for the financial contributions as well as the countless, selfless hours of training and organizing that they donate to the team. They are the biggest reason for the team's success.


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