Murder Mystery Dinner Party + Halloween Ideas

It was a night of bribery, stealing, murder and lying....pretty much everything we've taught our kids not to do. 

That's what happened at the Immortals Annual Costume Ball. My son was murdered...by his very own brother. But just like in the movies, my son came back to life, and the two brothers kissed and made up. Well, they made up anyway.

Now, let's take a tour....

This is the outside of the house by day

and by night....

welcome into the entryway....

take a peek into the living room...

enter the living room...

 where the fireplace is alight...

and a black cat waits to pounce

Look over to the kitchen....

and see the Table of Evidence

the food is ready

spiderweb eggs

brains with a lethal tumor

who doesn't love cookies and worms?


deadly morsels

bubbling brew

now the guests arrive

and the mayhem began.


Party details

Window posters: here and here
Goblets: Spirit Halloween store
Leather bound classic books: Wal-Mart
Chalkboard with Edgar Allen Poe Poem: black foam core / white chalk
Mice and Black ravens: Martha Stewart 
Bats: hand-drawn and hand-cut
Glass candy jars: Tai Pan Trading
Candy Jar Labels:  Martha Stewart
Brain Jello Mold
Black cat: Tai Pan Trading

Spider web eggs
Bloody fingers
Pumpkin Spice Donut Holes
Guacamoldy with Bat Tortilla Chips
Spider cupcakes
Crudites with Buttermilk Herb Dip

Dinner and Murder Mystery Party Games

Keep swimming, and if you are going to smoke, do it with candy cigs.
Ms Fish


jeremy said...

This is just incredible. I bet it was soooo fun! Everything about the decorations are just amazing. This should be on the now defunk Oprah.

Seriously, so cool!

Love ya.

LGH said...

Step aside Martha Stewart...here comes Dr. Jenni Fisher. This is just amazing; truly incredible. I agree with Jeremy, you should be on oprah or Ellen or dr. Phil or something. What a feast - both for the eyes and the stomach! Halloween never looked so fun!

KRose said...

Oli and Immie and I are all in aghost...uggghh i mean aghast. this is phenomenal and we wish we had been invited. oli is mad you didn't invite him. he wanted to eat the fingers. Immie wanted to eat the cookies and worms. jen, you are amazing. love you tons.

Bridget said...

.....where are you storing all this stuff??!! Looks like it was an awesome murder mystery dinner party....you are turning into quite the party thrower!

Mrs. Olsen said...

Holy Frijoles. Forget that degree and become a professional party planner!


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