Twenty Totally Random Thoughts for Tuesday

  1. I have an email in my Inbox from the inimitable Landon Donovan.
  2. Please do not faint with jealousy. I cannot be held responsible for any blog-reading injuries.
  3. Did you know Landon Donovan was actually named after my son?
  4. Unless of course you actually know who Landon Donovan is...and in your astuteness, you realize he was named 10 years BEFORE my son was even born.
  5. I really hardly ever tell fibs. Truthfully.
  6. Landon is the name for the coolest of cool soccer players. Both Landons I know of are hoping for a 2022 USA Fifa World Cup bid.
  7. Decision Day is only 2 days away. Excitement is building like rolling thunder.
  8. Except that I've never really agreed that thunder rolls, Garth. It crashes.
  9. Hurricane High Basketball season starts tomorrow. I CAN'T WAIT to watch #11 - double toothpicks.
  10. There is no subliminal relationship between thought number eight (crashes) and number nine (HHS basketball). That's why this post is called Random Thoughts.
  11. I ate a 1/2 pound of quality Parmesan cheese in two days. All by myself.
  12. See! That came out of nowhere. Random.
  13. Cyber Monday made no hostage out of me.
  14. I love my sister one million Hot Tamales. I love other people too, but I'm dedicating #14 just to her and hot red candy.
  15. I love my daughter Daisy, who is quite possibly the only other person in the world who shares my passion for cheese and banana bites.
  16. I finally finished the quilt I was making for Daisy. It feels so good to finish something other than a Parmesan cheese wedge.
  17. Thursday will be my final trip to SLC for school. That makes 22 trips in 18 months. My tires have whispered to me how excited they are about not having to drive 600 miles every three weeks.
  18. I don't really talk to tires.
  19. I have been craving this salad lately. It's a Christmas dinner tradition, but I don't think I can wait.
  20. This Sunday (Dec. 5) is our annual Christmas Sing-A-Long and Cookie Exchange. Are you coming?

T-shirt Memory Quilt for Daisy. Every square tells a story!

Keep swimming,
Ms Fish


kelli said...

Great blanket idea!

LGH said...

Jenni, this is awesome! What a fun, fun memory quilt. And, I loved your random thoughts...so fun. Last time to SLC...wow, wow, wow...congrats, Dr. Fish!


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