Fish Finds

I'm not sure I would ever wear this necklace. Not because I don't like it, but because I rarely wear anything around my neck except hair and hickies. BUT, I think it would look soooo sexy and GREAT on somebody else's neck. It's totally fun, bold, chunky and unique.

 Speaking of sexy, I think my little sis should also buy this. Can you say turn heads?

This would be fun to own. Though I'm not yet entirely sure why.....

Anyone going to order this book? Freshly written, you can pre-order it to arrive just in time for Valentine's Day.

Dill pickle flavored products make frequent guest appearances on this blog. I've raved about dill pickle cashews. Now I finally found me some dill pickle potato chips that are 67.9 times better than Lay's. The pickle flavoring is true and subtle. In fact, I'm crunching on one right now in ultimate multitasking style: chewing and typing and moaning.

I found the chips at Wal-Mart. I hate Wal-Mart, and yet I continue to find good stuff there, dang it!
Like these babies below, which I like even more than the chips. My next mission, should I choose to accept it (and I do) is to duplicate these in my own kitchen. I can't afford to keep feeding my addiction.

This Christmas CD is so fun! Especially tracks 1 and 2. We've already worn it out at our Holiday house.

I bought this orange oil at Sur La Table and loooooooove it. That's 8 o's in love! That's some serious lovin'. This oil makes chocolate chip cookies sing with sunshine. It's the secret ingredient in the Bear Country Cookies at the Gateway mall in SLC.

Sometimes, I take the oil out of the cupboard and open it even if I'm not cooking. I just love to smell it. My name is Ms. Fish and I'm addicted to sniffing orange oil. I need help.

Found an excellent recipe for Cinnamon-Sugared Almonds. Daisy made them at Thanksgiving and my mouth hasn't quit watering for more.

Photo Credit: Sugarlaws

With kids in college and friends getting married and being small on space myself, I am digging these stacking kitchen tools.

These boots are as scrumptious as black licorice.

And for the grand finale, feast your eyes on this lovely holiday skirt. Do you ever see things with bling and pockets on the same bolt of fabric? Hardly. Finally a place to put your lip gloss without having to take a purse. That's a deal cincher.

Thanks for coming along on this tour of things I love right now. Happy holiday shopping and eating!

Keep swimming. And keep enjoying lovely things.
Ms. Fish


LGH said...

Jenni, these were so fun to look through....Glad you have some time - at last - to some window shopping!

Dr. Jordan Hackworth said...

Good Ideas! We got the Glee Christmas album you recommended and luuuve it!

Ms. Fish said...

Dr. J,
Yeah! Glad you love it!

Kristi said...

Oh yeah Jen - I agree. Would totally love that dress. I would wear it to church :).

Anonymous said...

I soooo want the dress....where can I fine it....would have been great for New Years!!!

Ms. Fish said...

Anonymous: the link for this dress is located right above the picture. This particular dress is sold out, but the designer has several others with a similar style.

Thanks for your comment.


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