Delicious Dill

WARNING: If you like your nuts plain and your pickles wet, stop right now. If you are up for a culinary adventure, read on.

I LOVE dill pickles. Almost as much as I love cheesecake. And I love anything dill pickly, like Lay's dill pickle potato chips, Uncle Dan's dill pickle dip, or dill pickle cornbread (okay, I just made up that last one, but I'm loving that idea). I also dig nuts and their crunchy goodness. So, it makes perfect sense that a cross pollination of the two would be a merry marriage made in the lab. And guess what? The good folks at Archer Farms thought so too and are selling dill pickle cashews at Target. When I saw them, you can bet they popped into my cart. Funny how inanimate objects are sometimes known to do that. Those crazy jumping cashews.

Okay. So....verdict please! Do the pickled cashews remotely resemble a pickle?

Let me just say that the very first bite was pleasantly surprising. Initially, the nuts are salty, just as expected. Then a wave of dill is perceptpible. Not enough of a tang to produce that puckering release of saliva when eating lemons, but a definite dilly taste. And granted it isn't wet, cold and slimy, and as much fun to slurp on as the real deal. But there is no doubting the artificial carcinogenic pickle flavoring. YUMMMMMY!! I give them 4/5 stars.

Now if they could just come up with cheesecake flavored almonds.


anyimage said...

omg these things are DELICIOUS.. i am eating them right now. I was looking for a link to show my friends and your page came up :) I also love dill pickle flavored potato chips but can only find them in the south.

Malia said...

These are magically delicious! And they now come in an 11.5 oz. jar as an option to that "single serving" pouch!

Adrian said...

I bought a jar of these tonight and they are great! I live in Maine and we used to have a potato chip company called Humpty Dumpty that made an amazingly good dill pickle potato chip. Sadly, they moved to Canada and discontinued all of their "exotic" flavors.

soneal1225 said...

Lays has a limited edition Summer Dill Chip and Sur La Table has dill flavoring for popcorn. Yummy


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