Shop Till Your Pedometer Drops

Janessa trying on some crazy platform shoes. I tried them on and had to have Janessa and Shari on either side spotting me. Designed, I'm sure, by orthopedic surgeons.

Shari trying on shoes.

Wednesday, my daughter Janessa and our friends, Shari and Debi Leavitt headed off to Vegas for a shopping excursion. Well, in our case, it was more like a window shopping excursion. (Having four teen-agers to register for school and outfit in new school clothes makes robbing a bank in August seem mighty tempting.) We did manage to purchase a few things, but the big story here is how much walking we did. Debi wore a pedometer and that thing said we only walked 2500 steps. But who can believe those things? I mean really, they come in a Happy Meal! Actually, I firmly believe that by the time we looked at the pedometer, it had reached its 100,000 zenith and started over. 102,500 steps. So in other words, we walked the equivalent from St. George to New York. All in one day!

This is helpful. Because if Brent wasn't impressed with how much money we spent, he certainly can't deny how impressive our physical activity was. He must really be proud. I know I am. That means I have already reached my exercise quota for the next four months. So, I'll start up again in December. Or better yet, I'll just ask Shari and Debi to go shopping again for Christmas. Then I won't have to exercise until May!

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