Sky Diving!

Yesterday my oldest son, Sean, did something only a few dare tell their mothers they are doing. He jumped from an airplane at 14,000 feet, dropping at a speed of 120 MPH and traveling over 1 mile to the ground. The jump was an 18th birthday gift from Brent and I who wanted to give an experience not a thing. It was a literal fulfillment of taking a flying leap into adulthood.

I hope despite the dementia I suffer from, I will never forget this day. All of the friends and family who gathered to watch witnessed a very animated Sean. Watching the adrenaline and genuine excitement course through Sean's veins was as fun as if I'd jumped myself (almost). Oh Happy Day!

Could there be a more perfect shirt to wear on this occasion?

Signing mounds of paperwork

Sean and Rick, who Sean has affectionately dubbed, "the awesome skydiver guy"

Taking off

The descent

Perfect landing

High fives

The face of CONTENT

"I want to go again"

Fan club

BIG, BIG thanks to Janessa for capturing the moments on camera!!

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