Come See Our Valley

This article was written by my dear mom--my biggest [and almost only] fan:

This bulletin just in:

In a little-known obscure off-Broadway (Way off) production, theatre goers are raving about the performance of new comer, Jenni Hackworth-Fisher, reprising a role she created two years ago. She wowed local audiences for two nights in the delightful production of "Come See Our Valley." Hackworth-Fisher starred in the musical as the local school teacher as she explains to her young students the tremendous challenges faced by the early residents in trying to get water to the valley. The story is a remarkable story of sacrifice, hard work, faith, and sheer determination. Written by a local bishop ( lay ecclesiastical leader), it tells the story of how the early Mormons loved the Hurricane valley, but each year the crops were flooded by the river, so they needed to dig a canal through the steep, rocky terrain. What started out as a four year project ended up taking over 8 years.

Hackworth-Fisher sang with a strong voice and her acting kept the audience engaged as she had some lengthy speeches to explain the history. It also came to the attention of this critic that she was working with an additional handicap as she had a cold.

But, in true actor fashion, she declared that the show must go on. Great job by all, and in this writer's opinion, she's a shoe-in for Best Actress in a leading role!

Loni Gee reporting for Mellowwood Group


Cheryl said...

Count me as one of your fans too!

jen said...

wow. thanks, Chery.
ditto to you!!


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