First Day

We have a tradition started by my parents that we take a "first day of school" picture on the front porch. We are now the Terrific Three instead of the Fab Four.

(And yes, I know the first day was five weeks ago. Only five weeks behind?? I'm doing pretty well, then.)

August 12, 2008. Three is lonelier than four. (But three is still great!!)

To compare: August 15, 2007.

Looking forward to a bright future. Ok, cheesy I know!

Stockton, age 14. 9th grade

Landon, age 14. 9th grade

Janessa, age 15 (for 15 more days). 11th grade

1 comment:

lovely lady lessy. said...

i'll be honest --i'm surprised to see janessa out of her backpack when there's a legitimate reason for her to be wearing it around.

i've tried to take it from her, and really, it doesn't work. :/

cute pictures though!

love, celeste.


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