Chest Pain

So this is the kind of thing I am up against at my job.
Hey NP students.......sounds like our Standardized Patient!

Dr: “Hello, so you’re having some chest pain?”

Patient: “It just hurts.”

Dr: “When did it start?”

Patient: “It just hurts.”

Dr: “Where on your chest?”

Patient: “It just hurts.”

Dr: “Anything make it worse?”

Patient: “It just hurts.”

Dr: “Ever had this before?”

Patient: “It just hurts.”

Dr: “Fine, enough, I’ll just order a bunch of tests.”


Nurse: “Your chest pain patient wants to know what’s taking so long.”

Patient: “So how come my chest hurts?”

Dr: “Gee sir it’s kind of hard to say since you answered none of my questions.”

Patient: “Is it stress?”

Dr: “No, that’s my chest pain, thanks.”

From 10 out of 10: My experiences as an ER Doc


LGH said...

I hope I remember this so that I can be more specific. This is just unbelievable!

Greg and Heather said...

I hope this is the same kind of call you were on when you went into labor and didn't know it! Maybe they should have named "Ask-a-nurse" "Answer-a-nurse" to help with this problem!
(I ran across your blog through Leslie's blog, and i CAN'T BELIEVE HOW BIG YOUR KIDS ARE!! Aren't they supposed to be in primary still?)

jen said...

You're funny! And have a stinkin' good memory!


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