Janessa went on her first date today. They went miniature golfing and out to eat. She tasted sushi for the first time. And she told me she ate all her vegetables: "I ate mushrooms and those white things that make you cry."

Tonight I spent a couple of hours doing her hair for the Homecoming Dance. Let me just say that creating sweeping, beautiful up-do's are harder than they look. Putting in an IV: easy. Doing my daughter's hair: dang hard. I don't think her hair turned out exactly what she envisioned, but I hope she felt beautiful. She surely looked it!!

Janessa was over at a friend's house having her make-up done when her date came to pick her up. OOPS. I told her date he may as well get used to waiting for women.

Fun times. Can't wait for her to get home and give a full report.

Tools of the trade

Janessa and Ryan Stephens

I wish I had a better camera. Or knew how to use mine.

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LGH said...

Princess indeed; what a beautiful young lady. What a lucky guy to get to take Janessa. Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful!


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