Tradition Tuesday - Christmas Sing-A-Long

Here it is Wednesday, and I'm writing a post meant for Tuesday about something that happened on Sunday.

First, a query: how long does something have to be done in order to call it a tradition? I ask because here is how a conversation went the other day at our house:

Jenni: Are we going to go four-wheeling on Thanksgiving?

Brent: I don't think so.

Jenni: Why not? It's a tradition.

Brent: It isn't a tradition. We've only done it once.

Jenni: See. We've done it. So it's a tradition.

Something that is a tradition without question is our annual Christmas Sing-A-Long and Cookie Exchange. We have done it now for five years solidifying its place as one of our favorite holiday activities. This year was our biggest and best year yet. We had over 40 people in attendance. Everyone sang out with cheer and kindly overlooked the crazy lady in brown who danced to her own drum. And there were so many great cookies such as: pumpkin, chocolate chip, sugar, German, Danish, chocolate crinkle, snickerdoodle, and gooey chocolate balls of creamy happiness.

Thank you, thank you to all who came and participated (except for maybe those troublemakers who brought blasphemy to the party and desecrated our home by spontaneously erupting into an obnoxiously loud version of the BYU fight song. Talk about ruining the Holiday Spirit!! All I can say about it is that your names have been noted and I hope you like red paint).

Also, thanks to my dad, who figured out and jazzed up some of the songs on the keyboard! And to my mom who typed some of the lyrics.

Overall, a great evening. Love all our friends! You rock a party!!

Good friends and fun (and nice scalp swirl, Brent)

Folks kept coming....and overflowed into the kitchen.... Notice the happy, happy faces. Does it have anything to do with the close proximity to the cookies?

The Gifford family performed at the end. Ha. No pun intended based on the brilliant picture I took of their backside. Ok. Sorry. The picture isn't good but their song WAS! A definite HIGHLIGHT of the evening. They salvaged the quality of the night after it took a downhill turn with a song from the school who shall not be named.

Cookies and a dirty sink

Hey - Leanne gets into it too!

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LGH said...

WOW, I loved the video...who taped that? Your dancing is terrific! The evening was absolutely fun, fun, fun. Glad you've kept up the sing-along tradition, even if the 4-wheeling tradition doesn't seem to be catching on.


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