Tradition Tuesday - The Gift of a Countdown

The net is full of beautiful and alternative ways to display and mark off the days until Christmas. Advent calendars have always been one of our traditions as well, thanks to my mother. Over the years, she has given us a different one each year. The end of November is always fun to see what she comes up with next. She is clever and many of the countdowns include original rhyme.

One year the "advent calendar" was more of an activity calendar. We were given an activity to do each day as a family. Hands down, one of the favorite activities from that year was to make GOO. My kids LOVED that stuff! We made it often. If interested, here is the recipe:

2 Tbls Elmer's Glue-All
1 Tbls Liquid Starch
few drops food coloring (optional)
Mix together. If too sticky, add more starch. If too runny, add more glue.

Editor's note: Do NOT spill the Goo on the carpet or on a brand new leather purse. (Mums the word on whether I am speaking from experience, but just trust me on this one.)

Another of our favorite countdowns, again from mom, is Santa Claus in the chimney. Every day, we pull out one brick as Santa does a shimmy down the chimney.

Last year, my mom did something a little different for our countdown. Each day we read an excerpt from a pioneer journal written in December. It was humbling and amazing to see what little they had and yet what joy and gratitude they expressed. (We are going to re-read those again this year, mom!).

Below is Santa in the chimney. Also seen is a quilted advent calendar made and given to us by my dear friend, Natalie Rawlinson. I treasure it. The project was a labor of love that took many, many hours to make. Notice the detail in each ornament hanging on the tree.


LGH said...

Jenni, the thing about you is you are always changing things around. For example, you've moved things on your blog. Good job..keeps us all wondering..what will she do next?!?!?!

By the way, no advent this year. Couldn't come up with a thing. Sorry, so I'm glad you are using the one from last year. That's one of my favorites. Loni

Mathgraph said...

Although the Goo has been advised here as a substance that shouldn't be spilled on carpet or a leather purse, I WOULD recommend spilling this on any completed jigsaw puzzles lying around. When dry, the Goo acts as a semi-protective agent helping to hold one's hard work together.


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