December Rolls Around Faster Than A Hamster On His Wheel

Today is December first! Does that cause little electric bursts of excitement in your sensory nerve endings? I mean Christmas is one hopscotch square away. I'm already pouring over cookbooks.

I mentioned awhile ago that in November my plan was to focus on gratitude. My plan for December is to focus on giving. So in December I am going to give a little gift to my blog (Merry Christmas Ms. Fish) by posting about things that I enjoy or find helpful or would make great gifts. Hopefully this will bring a little happiness, a little spread of cheery winter sunshine and Christmas Joy to myself and the two others that read this.

Happy December...hope we can enjoy the spirit of the season all month long.

1 comment:

LGH said...

Jenni, I love you analogy about December rolling around,,,,good job!


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