My Thoughts on the Trees of Today

Every year Christmas trees become more and more weighted with worldly trinkets and embellishments. Trees, such as the ones seen in designer stores, barely resemble a tree anymore, but rather have become a pyramid of baubles and ribbon. This is reflective of society as a whole. The simple beauty of the pine tree, and likewise, the simple beauty of the Christmas story, has become obscured by bigger, bigger, more, more.

Speaking of decorated trees, here is the tree that Spendloves, Copelands, Anderton's and Fishers decorated for the big Hurricane City Festival of Trees. The entry is called: The Holy War and depicts what some would consider true religion. It was voted the People's Choice Award.... (by the four families that put it up! haha).


LGH said...

Who gets to keep this fabulous tree?

jen said...

We just dismantled it and brought all the Ute stuff back to live at our house.


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