Quick Trip to Provo

Tuesday 12/9 I made a quick trip to Provo. The good news is that it only cost $20 in gas. Yiddlee-skippee-dee-doooo!

The other good news is that I went to attend something called: Brigham Young University's The Office of First-Year Experience Summer Reading Photo and Essay Contest Recognition Evening. The essay contest drew 41 entries. Sean won first place. So he had the honor (not sure that's what he would call it) of reading his essay. He also had the honor (I'm sure that's what he would call it) of receiving a $500 cash award.

The ceremony was held in the Maeser building on the BYU campus, which is the oldest of all the buildings. It is a beautiful building with solid, heavy wood and thick moldings, marbled staircases and decorative rod iron railings. The ceremony was brief and climactic. A big thank you to Justin, my brother, who attended with us. You're awesome and so supportive, Justin!!!

After all the "hobnobbing" was over with, we went to SubZero and Sean exposed me to liquid nitrogen ice cream. Workers pour some sort of magic cream potion into a bowl, then freeze it with liquid nitrogen before your very eyes. They then chop at it like they are preparing an ice hole for fishing, breaking the ice cream into bite size pieces, all the while it continues to steam like a hot bowl of soup. The ice cream, or ice chunks rather, must be eaten carefully or they freeze to your mucous membranes like a metal flag pole in winter. But quickly, in the heat of your mouth, the chunks turn to creamy goodness. Because of the rapidity of the freeze, the crystals are smaller, rendering it creamier than ice-cream frozen the boring old conventional way. Science experiments coming to life.

The next day, (Wed 12/10) I stole Sean away from his homework and we went to lunch at Pizzeria 712 in Orem. MY NEW FAVORITE LUNCH PLACE. I loved everything about it: the milieu, the menu, the font on the menu, the artwork, the teeny wilted plants in the fired pots on each table. Even the silverware was cool. Sean and I had some sort of brick-oven baked cheesy pizza with arrugula, made with exotic cheeses I couldn't pronounce. But I had no problem savoring them!

I also got to visit with Justin and his darling wife Amy. And captured a little love from their son Miles.

A Perfect Little Getaway!!

Congrats Sean. Thanks for letting me share that moment in the sun with you.

PS: You can read Sean's essay here.


LGH said...

You are definitely a supportive mom....no, I'm not talking about driving all that way to see him get the award. I'm talking about something much more serious...trying liquid nitrogen ice cream...now that's intense!

LoriPhdinme said...

It is no surprie to me that Sean Fisher is such a talented young man...with you and Brent as parents what chance did he have to be otherwise. Thank you for sharing his insights and outlooks through that marvelous essay. Hooray for Sean and his lucky parents


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