Twilight Movie Review

Last Friday, I became part of the 70 million+ juggernaut and went to see Twilight with my family. Unlike most movies, I thought the movie followed the book fairly well. My thoughts are set forth in numbered format.

1. First of all, I want to say that I don't live in the Northwest for a reason. I was so tired of the darkness in the movie. The constant grayness was smothering, although I realize the monochromatic colors are necessary to symbolize the monotonous life in which both Edward and Bella find themselves. But for most of the movie, it felt as though we were underwater and I just could not wait to come up for air. We were teased with one or two peeks of sunshine, but for my taste, it wasn't enough. I guess that is the whole point of the movie: an unfulfilled yearning for more.

2. Bella was blah in both the book and movie. She has no personality and in the movie had limited range of emotion, voice inflection or facial expression. When she cracked a joke, she didn't crack a smile. Even when Bella was whisked away to treetops, she showed little thrill. I want a main character that is compelling and interesting. Bella has the character of uncooked spaghetti.

3. The constant tight screen shots of Edward and Bella were taxing. Initially, I enjoyed them. Edward's lusty thirst for Bella was almost palpable. And his unsettled restraint was well-played. His inner conflict and turmoil at wanting something so badly, yet mustering the fortitude to resist is the strength of the movie. But after awhile, I grew weary of Bellward's constant close-ups. I wanted more....not more physically, but intellectually.

4. Edward was undeniably seductive. He was clearly The Highlight of Twilight.

Twilight is a great concept/story with such a great premise. It just lacks engaging character development. Overall, I give the movie 3 out of 5 pieces of buttered popcorn, heavily salted of course.

Stay tuned for my next review: The Namesake.


LGH said...

Wow, add movie critic to your list of amazing talents. I thought you really did a good job of critiquing this movie (I've never seen it, however.)

lovely lady lessy. said...

Those were my thoughts exactly! You just made them make sense.
I was especially disappointed by the fashion as far as logistics go, I should add. :(

Can I link to this on my blog?

lovely lady lessy. said...
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