My 10-Inch Dinner Plate Isn't Big Enough

My plate is full. Here are some of my upcoming activities over the next week:

1. Hosting Christmas Sing-A-Long and Cookie Exchange - Involves cleaning my house, which involves work, which involves treating myself to Cashew Almond Roca.

2. Make cookies for the party - But first I have to try a couple different recipes to find one I like. Should I go with traditional Sugar, or Almond Chocolate Nibs, or Cupcakes or.... the decision is killin' me.

3. Pediatrics Final Exam - This takes hours and hours. Especially since I need to listen to hours and hours of lecture FIRST. Can you say procrastination??

4. Paperwork Due for Practicum - Ok. This is all ready. Just need to send it. Send it. Send it already.

5. Teach some teens the Reindeer Rap - This involves choreography which I have no idea how to do, and motivating teen-agers which, come to think of it, I have no idea how to do either.

6. In charge of Ward Christmas Party - Do you think people will mind eating on blankets on the floor - things such as crackers and water. I'm lookin' for simple here.

7. Make soup and rolls for the ward party - This involves dough. Increasing my supply of it. Wish this "rolled" over into increasing dough of another kind.

8. Memorize The Other Wise Man - Why oh why did I volunteer for this? Because I am honoring my grandfather. He used to tell this story every year. I've always wanted to follow in his wise man footsteps. Except that I'm not wise, not a man, and nowhere near as charismatic.

9. Make Caramels - This involves endless stirring and cutting and wrapping and drooling.

10. Go to Stockton's swim meet - Hey, this will be a chance to combine numbers 8 and 10. And celebrate Stockton who swims every morning at 5:00 am which tells you he is some sort of anomaly in our family without any of my blood swimming through his backstroke veins.

11. Attend Community Messiah - Brent says going to this every 5 years is enough. I can't miss it. Hallelujah!

12. Attend Night of Choirs - This happens first, then run to the Messiah, then run home to host our sing-a-long. Sunday will be 4 solid hours of singing. Monday, I won't be talking to anyone. That would be a good day to ask me for advice. You'll finally get a response from me that is worthwhile.

13. Attend Jazz Band Concert - A definite highlight and Stockton's debut as a big drummer boy.

14. Attend Heide's Christmas Party - Combine Heide and her cabin and you have the makings of a fun party. I'm thinking to bring bacon-wrapped appetizers. When you think Christmas, don't you automatically think...bacon.

Okay, I'm trying not to stress. I'm taking deep, cleansing breaths, Deb. Deep, relaxing breaths. Heck, I'm breathing in so much oxygen, I could bottle it and sell it at an oxygen bar!

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LGH said...

Jenni, wow, how do you stay afloat? Amazing. But, somehow you manage and keep it all together. Have fun in all this chaos and find the JOY.


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