Gratitude #29 - My Oldest

One day a few years ago, Sean walked into the kitchen wearing a cranberry red pair of shorts and a navy blue shirt. I said, "Sean...that doesn't match." Without hesitation, Sean replied, "Well you'll have to take that up with Betsy Ross." Sean pops up with funny one-liners often. I love that about Sean. He makes me laugh and brightens my days. He brightens others as well. In fact, some friends at college started a group on Facebook called Sean Jokes to document some of his funnies.

I will never forget when I decided to go to graduate school, but was worried about the dreaded GRE entrance requirement. This test included Alegbra, which I had not taken for 20 years and Geometry, which I had never taken. Sean, about 13 or 14 years old at the time, sat by my side for 3 solid days and tutored me in problem after problem. I only passed that test because of Sean. The child tutoring the mother for graduate school. How about that?

I am so thankful for Sean. He is:
Courteous, polite and helpful to his parents. Supportive and encouraging to his siblings. Happy and even-tempered. Thoughtful and thought-provoking. Forward thinking and questioning. Strives to improve. Uses his time wisely. Makes time for fun. Talented. Handsome. Creative. Friendly to all. Magnetic. Tolerant. Progressive. Helpful. Patient. Adventurous. Adaptable. Really, really funny. And definitely the peacemaker of our family.

I love you dear son. You make parenting easy and joyful.

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LGH said...

What an awesome tribute to an awesome son, friend, grandson, brother. Sean is quite remarkable. And, hey, he was supposed to help me today with some computer stuff...oh, well, next time.


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