Gratitude #5A - Trees

I am thankful I am not a tree.

Trees are stuck. A tree is bound by its roots, stationed exactly where it is planted, no matter what weather assaults it, no matter what new buildings crowd out its sunshine, no matter what drought parches its leaves.

A person has roots, but they are not binding. When a person is surrounded by a hostile environment, he can defend himself. When a person is cut off from light and warmth, she can move to something better. When the nourishment of the spirit is lacking in one place, that human spirit is free to seek an oasis.

I am glad I'm not a tree. I am grateful for the power to choose my surroundings and companions.

Here is a mantra:

This week I will examine my environment. Where there is turbulence, I will seek calm; where there is darkness, I will seek light; and where there is drought, I will seek nourishment.


LGH said...

Jenni, this is such an awesome thing to be grateful for...not a lot of people in thinking of things to be thankful for would think of this. I, too, appreciate how ALlen has taught us all the beauty of trees. Here's my mantra for you: sometime I hope that you can come east in the fall...you would REALLY have an appreciation for trees. I've have never seen anything like the breathtaking colors here in the East; it is awe inspiring!

jen said...

I hope I can see the Eastern colors sometime, too.

Provo was beautiful this year, though. Vibrant colors.

kelli said...

Very well said, I like the metaphor of the roots.


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