Bragging isn't Bragging if it's True

One of the things that I take pride in is that I am not a bragger. I am really good at it, too. I am one of the best non-braggers around. However, it isn't bragging if it is a fact. And I have some cold hard facts about my brother to share. Cuz I'm proud and happy and am thankful for him which, incidentally, is now Gratitude #22A.

Justin is a professional photographer whose full-time job is to make people happy with artsy photographic images. He is an expert in his field, which is appealing in and of itself (See Gratitude posting #22). The other day, Justin photographed Design Mom, a blogging guru with a huge following of over 1 million readers / month. Check out her photo and what she had to say about Justin. Secondly, Justin had the opportunity to photograph a photographer of national distinction named Jonathan Canlas. Here is what Justin had to say about Jon:

"[he] is a pretty big deal. He’s sponsored by Fuji, publishes his weddings in all the finest wedding publications, and photographs weddings all over the world. And the amazing thing, is that he’s only 16 years old. Just kidding. He’s older than that."

Jon commands prices upwards of $10,000 per wedding. He is in such high demand that he frequently turns away customers. On his website, he has a small, elite list of vendors whom he recommends, and Justin is one of only a handful of photographers on the list. See what Jonathan had to say about Justin here.

Congratulations Justin!

And BTW, I'm thankful for Justin, not just because he is an expert at what he does for a living, but because of who he is! He has a kind and generous heart, and is as witty and clever as David Letterman. Actually, Justin is way funnier. Love you, bro.


kelli said...

I love your brother's pictures. I wish my wedding pictures were more shorts like that, than the posed formal ones that I have.

LGH said...

Well, I agree with everything you just said about Justin..he's very talented. I just went to a wedding and the photographer took a couple of posed pictures, then left...so different from Justin who really captures the memory of an event. Brothers are the best!

Greg and Heather said...

I saw those pictures on Design Mom! I had no idea that was your brother! How great... you should be proud! Very cool.


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