Gratitude #1 - Family

I am most grateful for my family.

I am grateful we enjoy being together.

The family is so important to an individual's well-being, that in my field of study, we were required to take an entire course on the Family. One of the articles we read stated this: "There is a growing awareness of the importance of close relationships in a person's life. Studies on personal happiness have consistently revealed that close relationships are the most important aspects of life and are essential to emotional well-being and good physical health" (Olson & DeFrain, 2006).

My family is one of the most important things in my life. I am so thankful for the opportunity to raise four children whose health thus far has been good and their choices thus far have been admirable.

Now believe me, though, we are far from perfect. Listen in on a family meeting several years ago:

Me: Okay, from now on, the kitchen table and the living room is declared as a NO-FIGHTING ZONE.
Sean: Well....then we'll have to hold Family Home Evening downstairs!

Here are some shots of family times....

1 comment:

LGH said...

wow, you have such a great family. These pictures show how much you genuinely enjoy being together.....awesome, awesome, awesome!


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