Gratitude #4 - Freedom and the Founding Fathers

Grateful for freedom and the goodness of our Founding Fathers.

I love and echo what my father had to say about George Washington, our first US President:

George Washington was a religious man. He believed that only by the blessing and kindness of God could his army have beaten the mighty British Army, the strongest in the world at that time. A fair metaphor is an ant moving a rubber tree plant.

A visit to Mount Vernon...seemed [like] we were walking on sacred ground because I see General Washington as a soldier doing God's will. I respect President Washington, a man of virtue, as one of our greatest Americans.


Lori said...

What men of valor, honor, integrity and grit. What I wouldn't give for a modern politician to have one-tenth of it. I am so grateful for our forebearers and their contributions and sacrifice. This day, I am thankful for the freedom that I have to enjoy the privilege of voting. Thanks for this remembering Jen

LGH said...

I, like your friend, Lori, wish that there were people with the qualities of George Washington. Today we went up in his monument and looked over the great city of Washington, DC. Along the inside walls were quotes about this great man. He was humble, good, and a man of absolute integrity, and he loved his country...not power. Oh, where are those great men today? They are in our towns, streets, homes, just not in our politics!


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