Joseph in the Land of Hurri-Canaan

Joseph's coat was incredibly beautiful. It was colorful....hey, what a clever idea.

Photo credits: Amy Drawe

I have seen Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat at least 7 times: both professional and amatuer versions. (like seeing Donny Osmond as Joseph in SLC! Y-u-m-m-y!!) Last night, I saw Hurricane High's version of Jacob and the 12 brothers from the land of Hurri-Canaan. The show didn't disappoint. The cast was energetic and well-rehearsed. Kenzie Drawe, the narrator, and Chance Steglich, Joseph, both had strong, pleasing voices. The incorporation of Peach Days and local flavor was fun.

Thanks Hurricane High for a great show! And my apologies to the folks sitting around me because I simply couldn't sit there without singing along.


LGH said...

Great play on words...Hurri canaan. You are good.

jen said...

That wasn't my idea.. that is what they had in the play. Pretty clever, huh?


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