Gratitude #2 - Extended Family

I am thankful for my extended family. I come from the most honorable, noble stock I know of.

Aunt Lois Hackworth Wright

Aunt Donna Hackworth Baker

Grandma Dorothy South Hackworth

Grandma Dorothy Merrill Gee

Great Grandma Stephenson

Hackworth cousins

Grandpa Hackworth

My grandmother Dorothy Merrill Gee and her purse

Uncle Preston Gee, Uncle Merrill Kaey Gee, my mom, Grandfather Merrill Gee, Uncle Gavin Gee
Photo credit: Justin Hackworth

Grandfather Hubert Hackworth
Photo credit: Justin Hackworth

Happy 90th birthday, Judge Merrill Gee
Photo credit: Justin Hackworth

Great Grandma Tidwell

Me and my Grandma Gee

My dad's side of the family: Hackworths, Wrights, Bakers

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Lori said...

His face truly reveals he is a man of many thoughts


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